After Years of Learning

I started designing websites in 1998 and garnered a great deal of interest in the topic of internet marketing.  After a career as a web designer and web host, mom, student and professor, I am finally ready to, again, share my years of expertise and success with the small business community.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me learn the tricks of the trade over the years.  Things have certainly changed a great deal and are more competitive than ever. If you are interested in frequent updates about Results Needed, please sign up for our mailing list.

Endless Marketing Advice

There are so many articles offering advice on social media marketing.  It takes so much time to sift through everything.  So, I’ve decided to start categorizing by year.  I’m going to place the latest articles at the top of the list and mark each list by year as this site grows.  No one has time to sift though outdated articles.  Hope this helps you.