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Inspirational Quotes: Work Hard, Play Harder Starting a Business?
Inspirational Quotes: If you don't promote yourself, then who is going to ? Nobody, that's who. Start Now. Donna Betancourt Inspirational Business Quotes: Change Happens, Choices Matter. Donna Betancourt Inspirational Quotes: To sell your skills, to server others, you must ask yourself: "What value do I add?" Donna Betancourt
Business Quotes: Be consistent. Little efforts add up. Donna Betancourt Inspirational Business Quotes: There is not choice. Stay ahead of the present or become yesterday's news. Always look to the future. Donna Betancourt Inspirational Life Quotes: 3 Things to Figure Out: 1 Where you want to live 2. What you want to do for work and 3 How much you want to make. Donna Betanocurt
Rule #1: Never expect friends and family to give you money for your business project. That's the quickest way to hurt feelings and get your feelings hurt. Quotes: Reinvention is not for the weak. Donna Betancourt In the end, the choices you make in life directly affect your results. Success depends on learning to make the right series of choices. ~Donna Betancourt

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