6 Ways to find your blogging niche

6 Ways Find Your Blogging Niche

Do you want to start a blog, but have no idea where to start? Blogging for beginners might seem to be a difficult task. You may have no idea how to select the right blogging niche to write for, or you may not know why you need a niche, in the first place. If you are a beginner who is about to start a blog, then following are some useful and quick tips to find your own sweet spot out of a plethora of niche ideas out there!

Just follow the guide and you’re good to go!

Get an Inspiration from Publications

Pick up your favorite magazines and skim through them to see what topics catch your eye. Read the section you find most interesting and write them down as possible topics for writing. Try to be authentic and select only those topics you are passionate about. Blogging requires passion for your topic in order to bring out the creative side of your writing.  

Create a Mind Map

Create a central idea as a starting point representing the topic you think you might want to write about. Then map out all the topics that relate to the central topic. Keep writing until you can’t think of anything more.

Check the Competition

While finding your own blogging niche idea, it’s important to be unique and authentic. However, you can gain insights from checking the topics of your competitors. Where you will find the best stuff is in the comments. What are others saying about the topic and is there anything new that you might write about that hasn’t been covered.

Use Niche Research Tools

You can also use different popular niche research tools like Google Trends and Moz to check which keywords are looked up the most and more important, what keywords are looked up, but are not as important. This is where you may be able to write about a topic and get more interest because there is less competition for that idea and you could end up on page one if someone looks up the offbeat topic. Google trends is great and will let you follow the ongoing trends and forecast the demand of your blog.

Pick Your Passion

The success of your blog depends on whether or not you are enthusiastic about your blog. If you love makeup or love cars and that’s all you can think about, then you’ll enjoy your blogging journey writing about those things. It will make the process of blogging enjoyable for you and for your readers.  

Focus on Your Expertise

Apart from your passion, you can also run a successful blog by simply focusing on your field of expertise. In this way, you will have better niche ideas to project on your blog. Instead of having to think hard about what to write about and how to present it to the world, you’ll find it easier because you will be talking about thing you and your readers can relate to.

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Donna Betancourt runs over 24 websites selling products, writing and online business consulting for over 20 years.

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