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Affiliate Marketing Let it Make Money For You

If you are looking to build your income, steadily and over a period of time while still maintaining control of your time, then affiliate marketing is for you. No, it’s not for you if you want to get rich tomorrow- but if you put in the time and remain consistent, you can earn some decent money. People who have a blog or website that gets over 10,000 visitors a month will benefit from affiliate online marketing.

Today, Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing careers on the internet. All you need is a computer, fast, reliable internet, website and the time to develop your blog, website and community. It does take some time to learn the tips and tricks to making a good affiliate income, but the benefits are that you can work from home and make money from your bedroom.

Nexus Laws Restricting Affiliates

Some states do not allow affiliate marketing or they put huge restrictions on marketing companies that may affect you. Nexus laws restrict certain states from being accepted into an affiliate program. Currently, those states are Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia. You will need to learn more about Nexus laws if you live in any of those states. Some people get around the Nexus Laws by creating an LLC in another state.  That fix may not be legal in some states. So, all issues should be thoroughly investigated.

Real-Time Sales Stats

For you to start, you will be required to join an Affiliate Marketing program. Hence, you can choose the products or website you intend to push on behalf of the company. You will need to agree with the company(s) what percentage of commission they will pay you based on the sales or traffic you generate to their website. Usually these companies are able to monitor your performance through an affiliate ID that they provide you with. You will also be able to monitor in real-time the commissions you have earned and sales stats.

Once you have the affiliate code, there are three main ways you will make money:

Pay Per Sale (PPS) – Sometimes referred to as cost-per-sale or CPS, is where you agree with the company that once a product sale is completed from the traffic you generated to their website, you get a percentage of the sales as commission.
Pay Per Click (PPC) –  Sometimes referred to as cost per click (CPC), is where the company pays you based on the traffic you generate to their website, whether they make a sale or not.
Pay Per Lead (PPL) – This where you get paid by the company based on the number of converted leads that you generate for them. You instantly make money once a visitor leaves their contact information on their site.

The company or advertiser provides you with marketing assets such as links, advertising banners with the product and company name and creative copy you can use to draw people in to click on the affiliate link. Once you have any of these on your website, visitors can click on them and they are re-directed to the merchant’s website where the product or service is sold.

Steady Income from Affiliate Marketing

If you are working regularly and consistently, Affiliate Marketing will make you a decent income. When you first begin, you will make as little as 0 to $50 per month and as you steadily build your client base, so will your income increase. People make anywhere from $0 to $1,000 per day. A small percentage of high level affiliates make over $3,000 per day. So it really depends on the level of one’s competence. Many bloggers are now earning a thousand or more a month. They targeted their blogs toward specific niche topics and continuously publish blog articles on that topic of choice and they’ve built a following. These bloggers have made making money by writing an art which eventually pays off.

Extra Income

Affiliate Marketing works even when you have a steady job. It is a great way to earn on the side without hampering your day job. It is convenient because you can work around it – even when you are not online.  You can work on your blog or website as often or as little as you want to. However, consistent publishing and community building works best.

Minimum Investment

The initial capital that you put in to start on Affiliate Marketing is zero! You just need to put in the time to build a site or blog. The company has already done the groundwork for you. All you do is re-direct traffic to their website. And you certainly don’t need an office to get started so there are no overheads and extra utility bills to pay.

Company Level Affiliate Marketing Programs

Most companies have any affiliate programs listed at the bottom of their website. All you have to do to become an affiliate partner is to fill out an application form and let them know how you will drive traffic to their products. Some activities such as e-mail spamming is restricted.  each program will have restrictions. You will have to read each companies policies individually.

Network Affiliate Programs

A Network Affiliate Program is the easiest way to find many affiliate programs to join. Once you sign up for the program, you have the opportunity to use that application to apply to link to the affiliate products and stores. You are not always given the go ahead. Some affiliate stores are very selective with who can sell their products.

Affiliate marketing is no get rich quick. It should not be counted on for a full-time income, although a very few people do make a full-time income on affiliate sales. You will have to build a presence on social media and nurture a dedicated online community.

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