Rankbrain Google Algorithm

What is an algorithm?

A procedure that Google uses to search through websites to find the best answer to your search question in google search.

What is RankBrain? RankBrain is a machine learning algorithm.

Google started searching for the users “true intention” back in the Hummingbird Algorithm in 2013. However, the algorithm was too rudimentary and ended up only providing users with it’s best guess as to what the “true intention” was. So, after some years, Google added a self learning algorithm that would identify problems and attempt to fix the problems.  That new procedure was named RankBrain.

Hummingbird is the main overall algorithm procedure.  It includes mini procedures which are intended to either fix things or add new functionality.  RankBrain is one of those miniprocedures.

HUMMINGBIRD = main algorithm

  • penguin – mini algorithm added to Hummingbird
  • panda – mini algorithm added to Hummingbird


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